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Albert Greenhut

PureStat Technologies, Inc. - Albert Greenhut

Albert Greenhut is from the Chicago area. He grew up surrounded by small businesses including diverse areas as metal working, statistical business information vendor and collectable stamp distributor. He has been working with Pure-Stat since November of 2011 in marketing and communication. In the past he also served as a non-profit health worker in South Africa raising the awareness of AIDS through soccer. With his family, international travels and unique work background he brings different perspectives to a variety of topics. We welcome his new perspectives on our marketing materials and invite you to follow his blogs; we hope his insights into new projects and materials are fresh and inviting.






Keith Donaldson

PureStat Technologies, Inc. - Keith Donaldson

Keith Donaldson serves as the VP of Technology and Development at Purestat. He brings over 25 years of diverse and extensive Process Engineering, R&D and Development Engineering to his role at Purestat. His background includes work in aerospace, automotive, ESD packaging, medical packaging, anti-corrosion packaging and work in anti-microbial packaging. His development activities also dove tail with working with overseas clients and customers to help design and engineer products that meet their specific demands. Understanding a wide variety of different industries, as well as extensive travel and consulting, helps bring a different viewpoint to his work and his perspective.






Rich Kullson

PureStat Technologies, Inc. - Rich Kullson

Rich Kullson is plant manager and co-owner of Purestat. He brings a unique perspective which combines his past work in the US Navy with the strict discipline of his Quality Training and ISO and Quality auditing together with his in-depth knowledge of ESD requirements, film structures and manufacturing capabilities. Together with his team at Purestat he has designed new structures that meet a wide variety of industry and customer specific demands and requirements, in often diverse and non-related fields. He remains customer focused, combined with an attitude of, “if we can imagine it, we can build it”.




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