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INTERCEPT Technology is a corrosion protection method, which has proven its long lasting effectiveness in extreme conditions for nearly three decades in numerous applications. Originally developed by Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs, static Intercept Technology was born from the restoration and protection efforts on the Statue of Liberty in New York, and has been protecting assets since 1980. Intercept Technology™ packaging products are a change for the better. Compared to other packaging materials in the same category, Intercept will reduce waste, lower a company’s carbon footprint, and increase product reliability.


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Engineered Materials Incorporated (EMI) is a licensee of the static Intercept Technology™ invented and developed by Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs. EMI has taken that concept to new levels to address package protection against static charges, corrosion and degradation. EMI is are a leader in static (ESD) and corrosion control packaging, delivering a broad range of highly effective, environmentally friendly solutions to the Aerospace, Electronics, Manufacturing, Energy, Museum, Consumer, Shipping and Jewelry industries. Simply stated, Intercept packaging is better for the environment, better for our planet.


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Join 15,000+ members in sharing information, documents, references and resources which relate to everything having to do with corrosion. The private group offers a well researched guide to the most useful information about corrosion, and includes — but is not limited to — corrosion types, corrosion protection, corrosion prevention, rust, rust removal, metal castings, galvanic corrosion, metal corrosion, copper corrosion, and stainless stainless steel. You can also view their public website at for general information.


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Join the Intercept-Technology LinkedIn Group to stay advised of developments in anti corrosion packaging, anti static packaging, and anti fungal packaging. Intercept Technology’s heavy duty barrier, protective packaging, and flexible films — are for the making of bags, shrouds, sheeting, totes, and other packaging products. Intercept Technology™ offers several packaging options and is the BEST protection available for a variety of applications.


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